Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hobby Update - Been A Month, I Didn't Die!

I know, your life has not been complete without my daily updates blowing up your feed!

Since my last update, life has hit me right in the face. Gen Con, Kids, school and general adulting has made hobby time sparse, and blog update all but impossible. So what have I done?


Completed my Subject 901, second Aberration and the second 1st Gen Mutant for my Plague!

Kings of War - Abyssals

Still adding some pieces here and there for my ever growing Abyssal army. The latest two are some additional heroes. Flying Efreet and Flying Abyssal Champion.

The Elohi wings are perfect for projects like this and really helped to set the idea I had off!

I also recently picked up a commission for a Herd army at 2,000 points. I have the pieces in and its time to get moving. Here are the first couple of miniatures that I have completed for the client, these are the only non-mantic miniatures that will be used for the commission.

Shaman and Totem Bearer

Brief update with some pictures to keep you occupied! Hopefully I have helped fill the void that you were left with in my update absence.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Walking like a Spirit

Glad to say I am now legally allowed to field my custom Stampede! This regiment of Spirit Walkers is going to be unit to unlock the Stampede since they are irregular.

These guys were a blast to paint, the sculpts are smooth, crisp and have very little in the way of mold lines to clean. Some may not like the sci-fi feel that these models put off, but I am in love with them and that is really what matters.

The reddish tone on these didn't clash to much with the orange base, as the white highlights help them to stand out. Yes there is only 11 models for those who will want to tell me how it doesn't look full and they don't care for it. Thanks, but it is legal to play with and its painted so I am good!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hobbyist Spotlight - Chris Walsh

With the amount of awesome hobby action that we have seen lately I figured it would be cool to spotlight some of these great painters and modelers in hopes to share with those who may not have noticed them before!

For our first segment we are going to look at some of the fantastic work of none other than Chris Walsh. I am sure if you are reading this blog and follow anything Kings of War you are sure to have stumbled across this mad scientist and his creations. With a brilliant imagination, Chris has displayed some truly inspiring designs and creativity on his miniatures.

My favorite part about Chris' work is how he always integrates Mantic miniatures into his units and armies. This might be the core of the model or some heads or weapons, but there is always something that he makes sure to add in.

Here are some words from the man himself about being a hobbyist:

I'm 33 years old from the Midlands in the UK. My hobby journey started years back but was introduced to Kings of War about 5 years ago during the first edition of the rules. The freedom to use/create any models you wanted to was a huge bonus as in the early days of Mantic their model range was still growing. Combine that with the ability to build dynamic units through the use of multi-basing really allowed me to loose myself in the miniatures. 

With Kings of War being so well balanced, I am able to but an army together with units that I visually like and still be certain that I could do well in a competitive setting. While I see myself more as a hobbyist and modeler but I love to play in tournaments and events as well!

Now that we have "met" the man, lets see what awesomeness inspired this post!

Some of his gorgeous Undead army:

In all its glory!

Great effect on the mouth

Horde of Revenants

Chris has been working on a new army, Abyssal Dwarves and he has not disappointing with his WIP pictures:

Greater Obsidian Golems

Grotesque Champion

Beautiful sculpting on these scales!

Basu'su The Vile Conversion!

As you can see Chris is a true master of his craft and continues to surprise us with his newest projects. You can follow on Instagram @perpetual_painter and on Facebook where he is always posting up new images of what he is working on in the Kings of War Fanatics page!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hobby Update - Spirit Walkers WIP

Quick one today, started working on getting the regiment of Spirit Walkers ready for the table. Since my Tortured Souls are "ghostly" I needed to find a way to make these similar but to stand out on the table and not confuse anyone.

Since I have done the Stampede of bugs in a red scheme I wanted to try and tie them in together.

The model was done in the following steps:

- Ulthuan Grey Basecoat (2 thin coats)
- Wash with Bloodletter Glaze
- Spot wash in the deep recesses with Carroburg Crimson
- Highlight with Ulthuan Grey
- Final highlight with White Scar

So the soft red glaze made it tie into the Stampede but also is light enough that they will also mix in well with the pink from my main Abyssal Force!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Not All Stampedes Have Hooves!

I must say that my allied Herd have been one of the most fun projects to date for Kings of War. Using the Mars Attacks Giant Ants and Spiders has worked wonderfully. These models have allowed me to do a couple of things:

- Keeping the models within the Mantic miniatures range
- Stay within the theme and feel of my Abyssal main army
- Finding another excuse to paint these great models

The regiment of Spirit Walkers are up next but here is the finished Stampede:

Maybe I can get the Spirit Walkers done in the next day or so and have them ready for my next campaign game!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Hobby Update - Lower Abyssals and Spirit Walkers

My furious pace of painted miniatures has slowed down over the past couple of weeks. I have been playing more games which is great, but I hate not getting things done quickly. 

The last unit that I have for my current Abyssal army is a horde of Lower Abyssal's. While I am doing MMC for this unit (I know the audacity!), painting 22 guys is a slog when I have been painting around 10 or so for my other units. 

The skin is finished and the metals and clothes are waiting for their washes. From there I can put a couple of highlights on and get them mounted onto their bases. I am using two regiment bases so that I have the versatility to play them as a horde or smaller if so desired. 

Spirit Walkers are coming along for my eventual allied Herd contingent. These are models from the DreadBall range, I removed them from their disc bases and have pinned them to some squares for painting. 

Looking to have the Lower Abyssal's and their bases all done this weekend in preparation for my next Edge of the Abyss game. The Spirit Walkers should go quickly once I figure out the colors I want to use on them.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tournaments - Not Just for the Competitive

Almost every weekend now we are seeing Kings of War, Deadzone and even Walking Dead events pop up across the world. This is happening because the awesome people in the community are tearing down those preconceptions about high level or competitive play environments.

Going to your first tournament is surely daunting, and even a small 6-8 man local store event can seem like a tall order for some. To be honest though these events are the way that most gamer's can get games in. Life can get in the way of the best laid plans, and so when you are not able to meet up regularly with your club or go to your local game store, the next best thing is to make a weekend out of gaming.

I wont ramble on why you should go to an event if you haven't already, plenty others have done that already. This blog post is here to share with you some great articles and videos that have already covered this very topic!

Nick Williams - Casual Gamer? Go to a Tournament!

Great run through on how a gamer at any level can go and enjoy an event.

Kyle Przelenski of Master Crafted - Why you should go to a Kings of War Tournament

One of the best videos covering the experience of a tournament, Kyle covers the Lady of the Lake which is becoming one of the premier events in the US.

Dan King - Playing Kings of War Competitively 

A well known name, and consistent champion, Dan King covers his tips and tricks for playing in a Kings of War tournament. 

Part I

Part II

Hopefully you get some enjoyment out of these artciles and videos as I have. Don't wait to go to your first tournament or convention, you are bound to meet awesome people, learn to play better and help grow this awesome community!